Lunar Sundance

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🌔Space-Hop Soul-Funk🌖

Hi! I'm Lunar Sundance,

I'm a Producer/ DJ with a passion for sonic geometry and sound therapy.

 With each hand crafted record and specially picked track, each experience is unique and fulfilling. 

If you'd like to stay up to date with our events, check out Mettā Creative

We throw parties for the environment. 


Sounds That:

Encourage the Spirit

Enrich the Body

Inspire the Mind

sound engineering cymatics lunar sun dance edm producer mix master tracks music studio beats scoring

Sound Engineering

Crafting Vibrations to Influence Change in the World

dj live performance lunar sun dance saxophone cymatics producer music frequencies edm electronic lol

Live Performance

Experience a Connection of Symbiotic Frequencies

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🌔Space-Hop Soul-Funk🌖

Booking Requests

For your next Party, Festival, Wedding...

I love special requests...

To Encourage, Enrich, Inspire