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Zerodraft Maryland is an Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Auditor and Contractor. 

Thanks to federal funding,  you can leverage our expertise and attractive utility rebates to improve the energy efficiency of your home, apartment building, business, or commercial facility!

Your Building, Better

We specialize in energy-saving solutions for commercial, multifamily and residential properties. 

We deal with just about anything energy-efficiency related. 

Save More Than Just Money

Our proven energy efficiency improvements help you reach your environmental goals while reducing your maintenance burden.

The demand for power is too large, so instead of building new production plants (very expensive),most utility companies that we deal with (BGE, Dominion, Delmarva, Pepco, PotEd, Apco, SMECO, etc.) have fully-funded energy programs...

That means no cost to you, the customer.

Take a look at our website to see all the programs we work with and to find out which programs you qualify for: 

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Schedule an Audit for Your Facility

You probably qualify for a no-cost home audit.

We partner with many utility companies in the surrounding states to provide you free energy upgrades in your home, and subsidized commercial upgrades.

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